Call for Board Nominations

Call for Board Nominations

Available Positions:

President-Elect: the President-Elect assists the President in overseeing the operations of the Chapter.

VP of Sponsorship: The Vice President of Sponsorship is responsible for overseeing and directing all partnership and event fundraising activities, helping to secure chapter partners and event sponsors.

VP of Advocacy: The Vice President of Advocacy is responsible for the promotion of the profession of commercial interior design to the greater Hawaii community.

VP of Communications: The Vice President of Communications is primarily responsible for public relations, marketing, and communications through website, print and social media channels.

Administrator: The Chapter Administrator is responsible for recording, distributing and archiving Chapter events and meetings.

VP of Membership: The Vice President of Membership is responsible for member recruitment, retention, and managing member benefits and services.

VP of Student Affairs: The Vice President of Student Affairs acts as a liaison between the Chapter and our Interior Design students.

VP of Professional Development: The Vice President of Professional Development is responsible for developing and sustaining programs that support the professional growth and continuing education of Chapter members.

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Alana Yasui
Member since 2009